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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

handphone cdma for pc or copmputer or laptop

HP CDMA for the PC OF ( Personal Computer) or Laptop.

edition of Nokia – fren.

Hard Hardwarewhich required :


2. Cable Data,

when i wrinting, blootooth and infrared, not yet
3. Komputer/Laptop.

needed Software :

1. Driver Cable.

you can download on

2. Driver Modem.

you can download on

Way of Installation :

1. Remember!!!! cable of DKU-5 don't be attached first.

2. Driver DKU-5 Instal.

3. Cable tide of DKU-5 and ponsel of computer / laptop.

4. If you use Windows 2000 / XP, click Next / continous until finish.

5. installation of Modem.

start>control panel>add phone&modem>

sample (nokia_cdma_2000_generic....../nmpCDMA2000_1x) browse and than modem>next>havedisk>browse> my detect Don’t (?) list Check

6. Select;Choose Nokia CDMA2000 1X 3G Packet Data of Modem>Next.

7. Select;Choose port besides 1 and 2, depended yg detected [by] [at] manager device.( sometime port 3, 4 or 5).klik Continoue until finish.

8. Then click Connection>Create connection new a panel>Network start>control>

9. To Nokia_Cdma_2000....Atau nmpCDMA2000.....>next modem modem>pilih dial-up a using manually>Connect connection my internet>Setup the Connect.

10. content of[is name of hereunder with.

ISP Name : Nokia CDMA ( any do not the problem of)

Phone Number : # 777.

Username : fren.

Password : m8.

11. Saying the word click [at], desktop connection the to shortcut a add, to facilitate for to next koneksi.


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Thursday, March 15, 2007

what is fren

fren is product mobile 8, one of operator cdma in indonesia. site for fren is here
all product and serivice in here

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Monday, March 12, 2007

HP CDMA untuk PC (Personal Computer) atau Laptop

HP CDMA untuk PC (Personal Computer) atau Laptop
Edisi nokia – fren

Hardware/Perangkat keras yang dibutuhkan :
2. Kabel Data,
(ketika tulisan ini dibuat penulis belum mencoba menggunakan inframerah/blootooth)
3. Komputer/Laptop

Software/Program yang diperlukan :
1. Driver Kabel
Untuk Nokia biasanya DKU-5, biasanya kalau beli kabel yang ori, diberi cd softwarenya, jika belum punya download aja di
2. Modem driver
Bila belum punya download aja di
dan sesuaikan dengan jenis hpmu.

Cara Instalasi :
1. Ingat!!!! kabel DKU-5 jangan sampai dipasang dulu.
2. Instal driver DKU-5.
3. Pasang kabel DKU-5 pada ponsel dan computer/laptop
4. Jika kamu menggunakan Windows 2000/XP, klik Next/continous sampai finish.
5. Instalasi modem
klik>start>control panel>phone and modem>modem>add
Check list (√) Don’t detect my modem>next>havedisk>browse>
Ke tempat dimana kamu menyimpan file driver modem (nokia_cdma_2000_generic....../nmpCDMA2000_1x)
6. Pilih Nokia CDMA2000 1X 3G Packet Data Modem>next
7. Pilih port selain 1 dan 2, tergantung yg terdeteksi pada device manager.( kadang port 3, 4 atau 5).klik Continoue sampai finish.
8. Lalu klik start>control panel>Network Connection>Create a new connection>
9. Connect to the internet>Setup my connection manually>Connect using a dial-up modem>pilih modem Nokia_cdma_2000....atau nmpCDMA2000.....>next.
10. isi nama dibawah ini dengan
ISP Name : Nokia CDMA (apapun tidak masalah)
Phone Number : #777
Username : fren
Password : m8
11. Beri tanda klik pada, add a shortcut to the connection desktop, untuk memudahkan untuk koneksi berikutnya.

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